What 3D Models Should I Make?

In recent months we have ramped up the analysis of 3D models available on TurboSquid. Some categories are heavily over subscribed with hundreds of 3D models available.

A great example is in the number of Airbus A380 models, of which there are over 250 of them. They do come in different liveries, file formats and quality levels, but that is still a significant number of duplicative work and too many for a customer to possibly choose from.

The goal of our analysis is to decide what 3D models artists should make, avoiding duplication and ensuring the models made are of a quality level that applies to the customers shopping on the site. We will continue to announce the developments of this in due course, but for now I hope that you will find some use from my tips below.

Top tips for deciding what 3D models to make

  1. Create unique content. If there is already competition in this space you cannot guarantee a customer will buy your content over theirs. Like the Airbus example you are only weakening your chance of selling content.
  2. Focus on brand new content. Newly manufactured products will command more attention than products from 5 years ago. Marketeers need this content to help market these new products.
  3. Build popular content. Similar to above, new products tend to be more popular than others, but focus on content that is hot now and has a lot of online coverage. One product in the same industry may not be as popular as another even if they are released at the same time.
  4. Build timeless content. Unlike the two points above, timeless content is not often new products that are in vogue now. Instead this is content that has ongoing needs. Anatomy is a great example. Visualization of the human body will always be in demand.
  5. Build detailed content. The market you are selling to are 3D modelers themselves. They will be taking the content and using it in production. As experts themselves if the content is easy to make there is more chance they will simply spend the time to create it instead of the option to buy. Build detailed content that would normally take the customers many hours to build.
  6. Build localized content. Customers have varying needs when it comes to content and regional content is certainly one of them. Cars, buildings,  furniture, electronics and other items can be different all around the world. Helping the customer to set the scene is very valuable.

It is always important to think outside of the box. There are 25,000 artists who have contributed to the sale of 3D content on TurboSquid. Not all of those artists are actively selling models, but there are certainly some powerhouses out there who are constantly producing content for sale. There is a world of products out there, so there is plenty of room for more artists!

If you want to make a living selling 3D models you have to devote time to producing content and keeping up with the curve. You can get lucky, especially building timeless content that can earn you money for years to come. But, for the most part it takes dedication and attention to quality.

My bonus tip here is to follow the CheckMate publishing standards. The standards have been built from significant customer research and aim to keep your products relevant and make sure you get more return out of creating the content.

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