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If you are familiar with navigation summary in Google Analytics you will have noticed that there are only 10 previous and next page paths viewable. You can search for a particular page, but not ideal if you want to view a more complete list of URLs.

There are two ways you can get this data, one is by appending “&limit=” to the URL the other is through the use of In-Page Analytics Inbound Sources and Outbound Destinations. This post will detail both of these methods.

Navigation Summary – URL Row Limit Variable

  1.  In the old version of GA select  Content > Overview > Navigation Summary.
  2. On the Content dropdown select the page you would like to analyse.
  3. Replace the “lts” variable and # in the URL with “&limit=50000”.
    50000 denotes the number of rows you would like to export. Hit return to refresh the page, you will noticed that it looks like nothing has changed.
  4. Click Export > CSV or TSV.
    PDF, XML and CSV for Excel will not export all of the rows.

So there you have it, a complete list of Previous and Next page paths exported to CSV with the percentage of visits for a given path.

In this next step I will show you how to view up to 100 inbound and outbound pages while browsing through site.

In-Page Analytics – Inbound Sources and Outbound Destinations

  1. Start by selecting Content > In-Page Analytics in the old version of GA. The reason for selecting the old versions is due to the missing inbound and outbound sources pane in the newer version of In-Page Analytics. I know, frustrating that they would remove functionality.
  2. In-Page should display an overlay of click-through percentages from your homepage. If you are not seeing data then please ensure that your GA tracking code is setup correctly [Replace with link to another article] and is not replacing any of your URLs with custom variables.
  3. Open another browser window and proceed to your website, you should now see an overlay on your site. You are free to navigate to any site page where you will see In-Page analytics overlayed on your site.
  4. Navigate to the page where you would like to see inbound and outbound navigation.
  5. On the Page information window scroll down and select Inbound Sources or Outbound Destinations. From here you will see a list of 15 URLs. To view the next/previous 15 click on the right and left arrows located below the URL list.(entrance) denotes the number of users who came to the page from an external source.

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