Weekly Quests

Once you beat Sandro in The Lightlands, you will have access to weekly quests. Unlike Daily Quests, these quests do not reward Crystal, instead they provide Hero Seals, Scrolls, and larger amounts of basic resources.

Hrodger’s Delusion

Accepted from Y’r Kathoum in The Lightlands: The Siege Line

Defeat Hrodger

844 wood
96 Hero Seals
Protector of the Sacred Light

XP: 186,000

Worm Worries

Accepted from Amber Thorn Lieutenant in Blackbough: Amber Thorn.

Defeat the Abyssal Worm.

11,514 Gold
93 Hero Seals
Wyrmslayer Adornment

Valrok, The Cyclops

Accepted from Baron Madog in Blackbough: Greystone Bastion.

Defeat Valrok

844 Wood
96 Hero Seals
Impaler of the Cyclop’s Eye Adornment


Human Sacrifices

Accepted from Rhianwen in Blackbough: Partisan Camp

Defeat The Great Old One

768 Wood
93 Hero Seals
The Great Old One’s Bane Adornment

The Heart of the Swarm

Accepted from Black Fang Operator in Namtaru’s Claws: The Black Fang Camp.

Defeat Giant Swarm Wyvern

16,860 Gold
105 Hero Seals
Banisher of the Swarm Adornment

To Wring a Leader

Accepted from Chief Warden Artak in Namtaru’s Claws: The Prison.

Defeat The Voice

928 Wood
99 Hero Seals
Silencer of the Voice Adornment


New-Born Hell

Accepted from Dragon Knight Scout in The Lightlands: Urgash’s Gorge

Defeat Daeva

16860 Gold
105 Hero Seals
Sealer of Doom’s Door

XP: 197,400

The Eye Of The Void

Accepted from Dragon Knight Vanguard in The Lightlands: Dragon’s Teeth
564 Metal
105 Hero Seals
Exorcist of Nothingness

XP: 197,400

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  1. Jon, thank you for this great treasury of info which is of immeasurable help for players who do not have a huge bank account, insider information, or another player to help them on these battles.

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