Search for Ancient Treasures

To complete this quest, players in the guild must find silver treasure boxes (not to be confused with gold treasure boxes) located in one of the maps. Each guild player will be able to pick up between one and three treasure chests to help towards the completion of the quest.

More experienced guilds will wait until the Falcon’s Reach: Search for Ancient Treasures or Nar-Heresh: Search for Ancient Treasures quest becomes available. These are much smaller maps, making finding the treasure much easier.

If you are struggling to find the treasure, you will find maps below with known locations of the ancient treasure.

Note: This page is still being updated with locations. If you know of a location that is not listed, please let me know in the comments and I will add it.

Falcon’s Reach

Big thanks to Witchkissa and ZGorn for helping to find additional treasure locations in Falcon’s Reach!




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