MMHO – Guild Province

Guild in Might & Magic Heroes Online now have access to the Guild Province portal. Once unlocked, the portal will take you to your guild province which contains the following structures:

  • 4 very special guild troop dwellings
  • Guild billboard from your capital province
  • Experienced artifact traders for all Hero levels
  • Your fellow traders from a marketplace near you: A scribe, an apothecary, a prestige trader and a Hero Seal trader
  • All the shrines of the world, put nicely in one spot:
    • Banner of Divine Initiative
    • Shrine of Might
    • Shrine of Creature Defence
    • Shrine of Magic
    • Shrine of Heroic Support
    • Shrine of Luck
    • Shrine of Spirit
    • Stone of Enlightenment
  • 2 Obelisks to make it easier to rediscover the Forgotten Sites

To unlock the Guild Province you will need:

  • Wood: 235,000
  • Metal: 117,000
  • Crystal: 97,200


The troop dwellings cost special expedition resources to update. Above shows an abandoned structure (left) and restored structure (right).

Guild Province Building Costs

Total Required Resources

Gold: 863,000
Wood: 78,500
Metal: 285,100
Crystal: 597,600
Prestige Points: 647,500
Dragonsteel: 1,239,700
Expedition Dust: 51,395
Expedition Orbs: 17,990
Expedition Spheres: 10,660

BuildingGoldWoodMetalCrystalPrestige PointsDragonsteelExpedition DustExpedition OrbsExpedition Spheres
Consumable Trader Gallery-1350066005400-----
Experienced Trader Gallery---1620017000-350--
Guild Headquaters863000395001960016200----60
Shrine - Creature Defence---2160022500-500200-
Shrine - Enlightenment (XP)---5400056500-1500500-
Shrine - Good Fortune---2160022500-500200-
Shrine - Initiative---3240034000-1000300-
Shrine - Magic---2160022500-500200-
Shrine - Might---------
Shrine - Spirit---2160022500-500200-
Troop Dwelling 1-25500-10800--1000--
Troop Dwelling 2--258900214200--50001900-
Troop Dwelling 3-----4959001000038001600
Troop Dwelling 4-----7438001400057002400
Troop Dwelling 5----225000-50001900800
Troop Dwelling 6----225000-50001900800
Troop Dwelling 7------50001900800
Troop Dwelling 8------700028501200
Troop Dwelling 9------700028501200
Troop Dwelling 10------700028501200
Resource Trader Booth---162000--34501450600

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