Event Troop Stats

Event troops become available for purchase during special in game events. These events typically happen about twice a month and last a week. You are given extra time after the event ends to purchase troops using the event resources you have collected for doing the event battles.

Thunderbirds are typically regarded as the best troops that you can get for events, so when you see these, be sure to buy as many as you can.

Top guilds in the game will also have event troops available in the guild province to purchase.

Below is a list of event troops, complete with their cost, stats and abilities. The list is growing each event with new troops.

Highland Clan CyclopsesChampion120031920424Stunning Assault: Stunned 2 rounds
Cyclops CaptivesChampion110028328322Stunning Assault: Stunned 1 Round
Stone PriestessesChampion110025025024Falling Stones: 185 dmg, 5 tile radius
The EldersChampion10001489067Healing Burst: 80 Heal on 2 Hex Radius
Chasm CrawlersChampion95024819523Raise Ancient Spiderlings: Summon 9 Spiderlings
Spectral DragonsChampion90028321245Terror: Forces stack back 2 hex tiles
The EnlightenedChampion9001459057Aura of Life: +25% heal bonus on all friendly stacks in 2 hex radius
Highland Clan Flame WieldersChampion900286274115Fire Burst: 286 Dmg Surrounding Tiles
Drifting FacelessChampion80024819565Dark Purge: Removes all positive effects, Mind Pierce: Take control of enemy stack
ThunderbirdsChampion800291182137Chain Lightning: 3x 364 air magic dmg
Shantiri BlazesChampion70021211555Fiery Breath: Area damage
Elder TreantsElite330585893Rally Saplings: Summon 2 Treant Saplings
Stone GriffinsElite300706744Stunning Assault: Stunned 1 round
Elrath's GuardiansElite260404246Soar Attack, Unlimited Retaliations, Preemptive Strike
MaulersElite24010662114Slamming Assault: 106 melee dmg
Orc CaptivesElite2401065884Indomitable: Immune to all negative effects
Protectors of ElrathElite240502544Heavy Charge: +10% dmg and +1 movement.
Highland Clan BeserkersElite2401068964Mighty Assault: 159 Might dmg
Enchanted SphinxesElite240837426Corrupting Aura: -75% healing
Venom Spitting SpidersElite220896794Corrupting Spit: 44 darkness dmg, -25% health, -50% healing
Tranquility GuardiansElite210855665Petrification: Unable to act 2 turns
Chasm SpinnersElite2101069934Overwhelm: attack and stack can't be retaliated. Preemptive Strike.
The BlessedElite210585873Indomitable Aura on self and Friendly Stacks around unit
Soul SeekersElite2108989104Blood Fury: -5% Creature Resistance, +10% Creature Damage
Jade Coast KenshisElite210969674Overwhelm: attack and stack can't be retaliated. Unlimited Retaliations.
Shantiri StormsElite210894695Weakness: -30% Melee and Range dmg, Cleanse: Remove negative effects on stack, Haste: +2 movement, +4 initiative
Forest CentaurElite1807318114Volley: 73 ranged might dmg
Light Weaver MistressessElite180551533Divine Receptiveness: +25% Heal Bonus on All Friendly Stacks
Shantiri ShadowsElite180643576Cancellation: Removes positive effects on enemy stack
Angry GhostsElite180745955Draining Strike: 100% life steal
Ghosts of VengenceElite180815376Weakening Grasp: Decreases range and might dmg of stack, Cancellation: Removes all positive effects
Shields of the FalconCore60181843Shield Guard: +25% Range and Might Resistance
Preemptive Strike
Soul StalkersCore50111195Preemptive Strike: Stack retaliates before being attacked
Highland Clan MinotaursCore50159104Mighty Assault: 22 Melee Dmg
Orc RiotersCore50111174Crushing Strike: Melee Might Resistance Reduced
Jade Coast WanizamesCore50121163Ferocious Wound: 18 dmg, -50% movement, 3 dmg per round
Defenders of the FalconCore4823963Bashing Assault: 23 Melee Dmg + Forces Enemy to Retreat 1 Tile
ScavengersCore4516994Life Drain: 30% Life Steal
Elrath's ShieldsCore428423Heal: 7 Heal on Friendly Stack
Highland Clan CentaursCore4211274Crippling Shot: -50% Movement Range
Shadow LurkersCore4214792Mind Probe: -15% Creature Resistance
Soul DeliverersCore38149114Spin: 14 DMG Adjacent Stacks
Elrath's ServantsCore3616543Purity: Dispels any Negative Effects of all Friendly Units in 2 Hex Radius
Jade Coast KappasCore3616794Leaping Assault: 16 dmg, +1 movement range
GoblinsCore36167124Giant Slayer: 100% damage bonus to champion creatures
Talons of the FalconCore3620512Steady Aim: 27 Dmg + Attack Range 6
EntouragesCore3615662Cancellation: Removes positive and negative effects
Lesser Spider EatersCore3418984Overwhelming Assault: 27 Melee Might Damage
Cursed Skeleton ArchersCore3211283Volley: 11 ranged might dmg
Soul RedeemersCore2811273Double Action: Stack acts twice per round

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