MMHO – Daily Quests

In addition to the quests found on the Table of Quests in Might & Magic Heroes online, each day you are also able to complete quests located around the map. These repeat daily and typically reward you with gold, crystal and experience.

Some quests are easier than others and simply require that you find items across the map, others are more involved and may require you to battle enemies.

The list below shows the location of each daily quest, where they can be found, and if they require you to battle enemies. For those that are looking to do some experience or crystal farming, we have a total count listed below each province. Note that quests found on the table of quests in these areas are not included in the total experience, just the daily quests.

I’d like to thank GoldenGnu for providing the list of NPCs and missing quests.


Experience: 520,914
Crystal: 677
Note: Greystone and Blackend Forest are not available until you defeat Sandro in The Lightlands

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalWoodCollect ResourcesTroopsBattle
The Clan Chief's Last RaidGreystone BastionPartisan Field Marshal136800174---Yes
Tear Down Their TotemsGreystoneRenegade Shaman91200116---Yes
To Pick a BoneGreystoneHeresh Denizen89400104---Maybe
The Hijacking of LumberjacksGreystoneLumberjack Forman89400104---Yes
The Not So Great EscapeGreystoneJailer4470052---Yes
The Scriptures of YlathBlackend ForestPilgrim4470052---Yes
Chasing PoultryGreystonePoultry Farmer2235026---No
Strike The Iron While It's HotAdder's DenSmith84018-28 Wood, 14 Metal-No
Demon AttackAdder's DenEnsign Teohar40012---Yes
The Problem Of Fjord BridgeheadThe Northern PlateauScales' Bridge Guard285048--Yes
The Lost ScrollsThe HollowScribe2557---Yes
Fallen In ActionAdder's DenIntelligence Officer1556---No
The Great FireAdder's DenQuartermaster1556---Yes
The HowlingPartisan CampScout Captain Veyd (Hidden)110026--Yes
Inside ClansmanThe Northern PlateauIntelligence Officer70015--Yes
A Troop Full Of GhoulsThe Northern PlateauVampire Antiquary47083 Phantom Coins70 GhoulsNo
A Piggy In DistressThe ScalesLittle Swineherd4708--No


Falcon’s Reach

Experience: 210
Crystal: 4

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalCollect ResourcesTroopsBattle
A Troop Full Of SkeletonsCathedral SquareVampire Antiquary21046 Phantom Coins90 SkeletonsNo


Namtaru’s Claws

Experience: 592,050
Crystal: 1,103
Note: Dungeons, Venom Farms & Black Fang Camp are not available until you defeat Sandro in The Lightlands

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalWoodCollect ResourcesBattle
The Killing of a SwarmThe Venom FarmsChief Spider Farmer142350210--Yes
A Rebellion SmotheredThe DungeonsDungeon Guard134100156--Yes
No Way Out!The PrisonHead Warden91200116--Yes
A Late Delivery of VenomThe Black Fang CampChief Spider Farmer89400104--No
Attack on the OutpostThe PrisonHead Warden89400104--Yes
To Cast An Eye AwayThe Rotten PlanksThusal, The Caretaker89400104Yes
The Escape RouteThe Venom FarmsEscapist4650063--Yes
Live by the Code, Die by the CodeThe Black Fang CampBetrayed Black Fang4560058--Yes
A Spoonful of venomThe Venom FarmsPreparer of Poison4470052--No
All the Queen's SpidersThe Black Fang CampBlack Fang Dealer4470052--Yes
Down and OutThe DungeonsDungeon Guard4470052--Yes
Deal of Steel, Please for TreesThe PrisonHalf-Ghoul Builder22350--700 Wood, 350 MetalNo
Four Warriors And Their FuneralThe Rotten PlanksSoul Seeker51014Maybe
Raiders Of The Lost TombsThe Ashen PeaksRelic Hunter31012Yes
Equality In UnlifeThe Ashen PeaksVampire2006Yes
Pacify the Harbour, Again!The HarbourChief Guardian Orik55-13-Yes
Fine Feathers Make Fine SentinelsThe Lower MarshlandsTravelling Knight47-83 Angel FeathersNo



Experience: 210
Crystal: 4

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalCollect ResourcesTroopsBattle
Fine Feathers Make Fine ArchersThe LaboratoriesTravelling Knight21046 Angel Feathers120 ArchersNo


The Whispering Plains

Experience: 67,225
Crystal: 578

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalWoodCollect ResourcesTroopsBattle
No Honour Among ThievesThe Sunken PlainsBlack Fang Wangler1155060---Yes
The Heart of the WormThe BackbonesWorm Hunter1155060---Yes
Glitters In The SandThe Sunken PlainsRuins Raider1155060---Yes
One Last DepartureThe Shrouded SandsFerryman600036---No
Til The Well Runs DryFang's Bay HarbourWater Warden555045---Yes
The Sandworm PestArrival HallWorm Hunter435042---Yes
A Worthwhile HuntThe Sand DriftsMaster Alchemist (Hidden)435042---Yes
Fog-Veiled FortuneFang's Bay HarbourFortune Hunter370030---No
A Monster's DietThe BackbonesWorm Hunter300018---Yes
On A Bondserf's TrailThe Southern DunesDesert Slaver290028---No
Pebbles In A Sand HeapDharmour R'AshStone Queen235017---No
The Lion's ShareThe Sunken PlainsCaravan Leader235017---Yes
The Sunken TreasuresArrival HallTresure Hunter180022---No
Heavy Metal LossesAnkouhn R'AshSite Foreman140020-34 Metal-No
A Spider On The LogAnkouhn R'AshWood Collector140020-68 Wood-No
Spirits That I've CitedThe Sunken PlainsWould-Be Summoner11758---Yes
The ShipwreckedThe Backwater CovesShipwrecked Captain (Hidden)110013-41 Wood-No
As Good As NewArrival HallCustodian84018-28 Metal-No
Another Game Of ChanceFang's Bay HarbourGamlemaster5506-418 Gold-No
A Troop Full Of LamasusAnkouhn R'AshVampire Antiquary5506-12 Phantom Coins10 LamasusNo
Fine Feathers Make Fine CavaliersFang's Bay HarbourTravelling Knight5506-12 Angel Feathers10 CavaliersNo
Shedding Blood For WaterThe DepressionThirsty Man (Hidden)2104---Yes


The Lightlands

Experience: 923,250
Crystal: 1,367
Note: Some quests become available as you progress through the main storyline

QuestRegionNPCExperienceCrystalCollect ResourcesTroopsBattle
False DoctrineStillwaterMeinolf134100156--Yes
Sharp DistinctionsSpider's GladeHeresh Captain134100156--Yes
Lakeside MemoriesThe HinterlandTravelling Chronicler104850144--Yes
SabotageLitchfels' Western ThresholdIntelligence Officer89400104--Yes
Never Say NetherSpider's GladeHeresh Intelligence Officer89400104--Yes
Fire at the GatesSpider's GladeHeresh General89400104--Yes
Feathering The Crow's NestCrow's NestPatrol Sergeant3930099--Yes
The Brink of ExistenceLitchtfels' Western ThresholdImperial Captain4470052--Yes
Prisoners of WarLitchtfels' Western ThresholdSar Khan4470052--Yes
Witch HuntThe Northern Light ForestsTravelling Inquisitor980044--Yes
A Hollow HeartStillwater AcresMaid (Hidden)1675036--Yes
The Big Bad VoidThe Southern Light ForestsShe-Wolf800027--Yes
On PatrolThe Central Light ForestsPatrol Captain800027--Yes
Ye of Great FaithLitchtfels' ChurchyardsManachan2235026--Yes
Memorial CandlesStillwater AcresEvangelist of Elrath625024--No
Heroes And RobbersStillwater AcresImperial Constable625024--Yes
Out Of The Way!Stillwater AcresRoad Warden625024--Yes
...And Fortune!The BowBlack Fang Dealer (Hidden)1367521--No
Artifact AffairsThe HinterlandInnkeeper1367521--Yes
Funds...The BowBlack Fang Dealer (Hidden)136752110000 Gold-No
Hold Your HorsesStillwater AcresFarmer837518--No
A Troop Full Of Fate SpinnersThe Northern Entangled WoodsVampire Antiquary65501624 Phantom Coins10 Fate SpinnersNo
Fine Feathers Make Fine CelestialsCrow's NestTravelling Knight65501624 Angel Feathers10 CelestialsNo
Between Love And FaithThe Southern Entangled WoodsLight Weaver Novice (Hidden)655016--No
A Wash With LightThe WovenExiled Light Weaver512515--No
The Lost DaughterThe Northern Light ForestsPeasant (Hidden)192510--No
The Tainted SanctuaryLitchtfels' ChurchyardsPriest of Elrath192510--No


Anything Missing?

If you know of quests that are not found on the list, send me a comment below and I will add it to the list.

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