New Google Accounts Screen: Where Are My Products?

I recently decided to create a public profile on Google to take advantage of the Google+ features. After creating the profile I soon realized that the “Account Settings” link, found after clicking your profile name, now takes you to a new “Accounts Overview” page.

The issue with the new accounts overview is that it does not display Google products such as Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools, which I use on a regular basis. Thankfully Google provide a link to the old accounts screen, enabling you to select your products. Read on to find out how.

Old Account Settings Link Location

Google Accounts Area

Account Settings Link Location After Adding a Profile

Accessing The Old Account Settings Page

On the new Google Accounts Overview page you should be able to see a message under the Services section of that says:

Looking for older account options? Visit the previous version of the Google accounts screen
Clicking the link will take you to the old accounts screen where you can access all of your Google products.

I am yet to find another link that allows me to view my Google products from this newer Google accounts area. It would certainly be nice if Google added a “My Products” section to this accounts screen so that we do not have to jump back and forth when we want to access the likes of Adwords, Analytics and other Google products.


It took a few months, but Google now display your products after clicking on the accounts area when signed up for Google+. Strangely when you click the edit button after “Your Products” this takes you to a page where you can close your Google account. I was expecting this to allow me to edit which products are displayed on this page. Oh well, its a vast improvement on the near hidden link in the solution above (the above solution will still take you to the old products page if you prefer).


Google has moved the location of their product links again. This can now be found at:ΒΒ 

In addition to this, Google now provides another way to access your products by using the Google bar apps link. This can be customized to add other Google products.


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  1. I was going nuts because of that and that last line was so easy to miss. This was such a bad move from Google, I’m sure they will change it but really, how hard is to simply put a link “My Products” in the left menu?

    1. I’m glad that this post offered some assistance.

      It would be fine if it is possible to access all Google products from the Google toolbar, unfortunately we only have access to selected products. Selecting the “more” drop down option still does not bring up the likes of Google Analytics.

      Stranger still, if you click the “even more” option you are only presented with selected products many of which are accessible from the main toolbar. This is a complete UI failure if you ask me!

  2. Thanks Jonathan.I thought it was just me. Found your post after an hour of searching.

    Yeah… they sure could have made that transition a bit easier. If I would have known that, probably wouldn’t have signed up for Plus.

    Who would have thunk they would make a stupid broad change like that?

    Anything to make it take longer for me to do the same job I guess. Sigh…

  3. Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools is the ONLY thing I use from the whole freggin google account and now it is gone and one needs an additional step … that’s pretty much flnucked up πŸ™

  4. I’m worried that eventually they’ll get rid of that “visit previous version” link. Does anyone have ANY idea what the rationale was behind this UI change?

    Jonathan, your header picture is awesome. Did you take that shot?

    1. The page does offer greater control over your account preferences, that said the previous screen had a completely different purpose. Who knows why they decided to take a product preview screen and turn it into an accounts preferences screen?

      The header picture is actually provided with the standard wordpress layout. The images are usually on rotation but I loved this one enough to keep it static.

  5. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  6. I have the same issue and I just don’t understand why google hasn’t fixed it. There needs to be 1 single account page with links out to all other google products and accounts. Not multiple pages with no way to switch between them. It seems to have gotten worse with google+ coming into the picture. Hopefuly the smart people at google will get this fixed and provide a fix.

  7. Thanks for the post – it’s the only information I’ve found on the missing links!
    As of September 2011 I’ve still not found any alternative other than clicking on the mentioned link at the bottom of the new accounts screen. Annoying…

  8. It is now mid September And… it is still not fixed.

    Today I signed up for Google + and it drove me nuts. I didn’t think of looking at the last line of small text. So thanks for this post.

    I cannot believe how incompetent Google have been over this. Certainly, if I had known, I would never ever have signed up for this Google+ I cannot afford the time wasted faffing around this has caused.

    Neither will I sign up in future for any of their other tools. Once bitten……

    But thanks again John. At least I can now get at Analytics et al.

  9. I ditto pretty much everything said here.

    I actually found the link at the bottom of the Plus settings page by myself, but I thought, This is just too stupid, I must be missing something. I found this post while continuing to look for something that apparently doesn’t exist!

    I’ll add that I’ve always wondered why with all the dozens of products Google has developed why can’t they put together a reasonable way to navigate among them? They make it hard even if you CAN get to the Products page. For example, if you click on Adsense from the Products page (unless you open it in a new tab, which Chrome does not do by default, and in fact I can’t find a way to make it do that) you can’t go back to the Products page from the Adsense home page, NOT EVEN using the browser’s back button. If you go to Analytics, you can click on My Account in the upper right corner and go back to the Products page, but there’s no similar link on the Adsense site. Honestly, don’t Larry Page and Sergey Brin use their own stuff – don’t they get frustrated with this?

    I thought for a while long ago when iGoogle was introduced that it was going to be the dashboard app I’d been assuming they would develop — but no… πŸ™


  10. This is totaly against their own SEO friendly directions for a page, where content should be accessible with minimum number of clicks.

  11. Like Craig I’m worried the old accounts page will disappear- this is an extremely weird thing for Google to do, annoying too – webmaster tools, analytics etc is all I want to use.

    1. I’ve not tried deleting my profile, but I suspect that it may revert. Keep us posted if you find out what happens if you do delete the profile.

  12. I’m brand new to Google+ and that missing Products page threw me. The language on that link makes it seem like it’s eventually going away. I did see and use a Feedback function to send my opinion to Google. Maybe if a million of us do that they’ll consider…

  13. Thanks for the link. I too have set this as my page. Should people want to go to the new one they simply can click on the google account logo πŸ™‚

  14. The “visit the previous version of the google accounts screen” referred to in this post seems to have vanished, does anyone know how I can access it now? Thanks very much

  15. Very frustrating but Google is a God so they are not bothered with user feedback (no way to contact Google). They know better what is best for us.
    I have managed to delete Google plus because I was annoyed with the lack of the link to my tools but now it is not accessible even normally.

  16. Hey – they have moved this page again (why I cannot understand) – is there any way to access all your Google products in one page now?

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