MMHO – Heroic Tiers

When you reach Dragon Knight status you will also have the opportunity to unlock Heroic Tiers, which gives you access to the Heroic Quest Board, Heroic Forge and Heroic Battle difficulty levels. New quests are available based on your Heroic Tier, you can submit resources to increase your Heroic Tier and access new quests with greater rewards. The greater your Heroic … Read More

MMHO – Daily Quests

In addition to the quests found on the Table of Quests in Might & Magic Heroes online, each day you are also able to complete quests located around the map. These repeat daily and typically reward you with gold, crystal and experience. Some quests are easier than others and simply require that you find items across the map, others are more involved … Read More

MMHO – Hero Level Experience

Below is a complete list of experience points needed for each Hero level in Might & Magic Heroes online. Includes Hero turns, creature slots, Core, Elite and Champion troop numbers. Cleric / Necromancers and Knight / Death Knight have the same experience points required for each level, but they differ in the number of Core, Elite and Champion troops awarded … Read More

MMHO – Haven Troop Stats

Below is a list of all Haven troops that can be purchased at towns in Might & Magic Heroes Online. The list includes the cost of the troops, the battle statistics and resistances.