Weekly Quests

Once you beat Sandro in The Lightlands, you will have access to weekly quests. Unlike Daily Quests, these quests do not reward Crystal, instead they provide Hero Seals, Scrolls, and larger amounts of basic resources. Hrodger’s Delusion Accepted from Y’r Kathoum in The Lightlands: The Siege Line Defeat Hrodger Rewards: 844 wood 96 Hero Seals Protector of the Sacred Light XP: 186,000 Worm … Read More

MMHO – Daily Quests

In addition to the quests found on the Table of Quests in Might & Magic Heroes online, each day you are also able to complete quests located around the map. These repeat daily and typically reward you with gold, crystal and experience. Some quests are easier than others and simply require that you find items across the map, others are more involved … Read More