Hero Dyes

The game allows you to customize the color of your hero with dyes. Dyes can be collected by completing quests, purchased from the Heroes shop, purchased using crystal and gold from in-game dyers and also collected from some monthly event quests. There are over 30 dyes to unlock. The harder dyes to unlock tend to be brighter and more elaborate. … Read More

MMHO – Dragon Knight Levels

Once you have have reached level 30 your character will reach Dragon Knight status. From this point any experience you get from quests and battles will switch to Dragon Knight Points (DKP). This also unlocks the Heroic Tiers, that¬†offer you rewards for completing Heroic quests. As you progress through the Dragon Knight levels you will be rewarded with a small … Read More

MMHO – Heroic Tiers

When you reach Dragon Knight status you will also have the opportunity to unlock Heroic Tiers, which gives¬†you access to the Heroic Quest Board, Heroic Forge and Heroic Battle difficulty levels. New quests are available based on your Heroic Tier, you can submit resources to increase your Heroic Tier and access new quests with greater rewards. The greater your Heroic … Read More

MMHO – Hero Level Experience

Below is a complete list of experience points needed for each Hero level in Might & Magic Heroes online. Includes Hero turns, creature slots, Core, Elite and Champion troop numbers. Cleric / Necromancers and Knight / Death Knight have the same experience points required for each level, but they differ in the number of Core, Elite and Champion troops awarded … Read More