Event Troop Stats

Event troops become available for purchase during special in game events. These events typically happen about twice a month and last a week. You are given extra time after the event ends to purchase troops using the event resources you have collected for doing the event battles. Thunderbirds are typically regarded as the best troops that you can get for … Read More

MMHO – Necro Troop Stats

Here you will find a list of all troops that are available to Necromancers and Death Knights in Might & Magic Heroes Online. EDIT: Some information about the gold and crystal cost of troops is missing. If you know this information, please add to the comments and I will update the list below.

MMHO – Haven Troop Stats

Below is a list of all Haven troops that can be purchased at towns in Might & Magic Heroes Online. The list includes the cost of the troops, the battle statistics and resistances.