Make Meaning First, Not Money!

We have heard that money is not a good motivator, but I have to disagree. Money certainly has the power to motivate people and companies into action, everyone has a price! However, money often lacks the ability to give people or companies focus and determination. For me, motivation is like coffee, it gets you moving in the morning but unless you plan to … Read More

Example Company Mission Statements

Every company should have a statement about their mission and vision. The best of these speak to a problem that transcends the current company and addresses the deeper impact the company wants to have on the world. Amazon To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer … Read More

Leading a Company from the Heart

Every so often I come across a book, article or video that really strikes a chord. This week I discovered one such video by Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana. The principles and advice that Justin imparts in this video were really inspiring and deeply motivating. Any budding entrepreneur or existing company leader should watch this! Cliffs Notes Note – these are … Read More

Guide to Naming Your Startup

Tech Companies

Core Naming Conventions: Abstract, Literal, Metaphors, Invented and Domain Extensions There are a number of popular naming conventions that can be used when coming up with a name for your startup or product. Note that none of these are considered best or worst practice, however they do have their pros and cons, many of which are discussed in this post. … Read More