Webmaster Tools Top Pages

This may not be news to you, but it came as a pleasant surprise to┬áme, Webmaster Tools allows you to view your top performing pages AND all the search terms that are driving impressions and clicks to that page. Honestly, the feature could have been there for months. I came across it after clicking around one day, it’s certainly not … Read More

Slow Page Load Effect on Revenue

Amazon.com makes about $67 million in sales each day. It could potentially lose up to $1.6 billion per year because of a 1 second web page delay. #InstantAmerica

Show More Navigation Summary Previous and Next Pages

If you are familiar with navigation summary in Google Analytics you will have noticed that there are only 10 previous and next page paths viewable. You can search for a particular page, but not ideal if you want to view a more complete list of URLs. There are two ways you can get this data, one is by appending “&limit=” … Read More