How To Quickly Share and Edit Screen Shots

If you are a windows user and have never used the “Snipping Tool” then this information will  blow your mind. The Snipping Tool is software that comes pre-installed on Windows. It allows you to take a screen shot, or “snip”, any objects on the screen. The beauty of this is that you can paste the capture directly into Skype chats, … Read More

10 Tips To Declutter Your Email Inbox

I was chatting recently with one of my work colleagues about how we manage our e-mail inbox. We discovered that we had some different techniques to improve how much time we spent actually reading and replying to e-mails, but we agreed that it was a slippery slope if not maintained. Early on you are on top of all e-mails that come … Read More

How to Play Audiobooks on iPad

If you have just purchased and downloaded an audiobook for the first time through iTunes on the iPad then you may be wondering how to play the audiobook. You may have already noticed that your Audiobook is not visible under the purchased tab on iTunes and if you navigate back to the book you get the very unhelpful message telling … Read More