History of 3D Model Marketplaces

Since 1992 companies have been building and selling libraries of 3D models. This has made 3D much more accessible and affordable to customers that may not have had the resources in-house to produce this content.  Back then, these libraries were provided by very few specialized production shops and were packaged and shipped to companies in CD archives. Fast forward 8 years ... Read More

What 3D Models Should I Make?

In recent months we have ramped up the analysis of 3D models available on TurboSquid. Some categories are heavily over subscribed with hundreds of 3D models available. A great example is in the number of Airbus A380 models, of which there are over 250 of them. They do come in different liveries, file formats and quality levels, but that is … Read More

Quality Standard For Stock 3D Models

TurboSquid has been in the business of selling 3D models since 2000. The site has amassed over 250,000 3D models from 25,000+ 3D artists, all of which have varying skill levels from the complete novice to 3D expert. This diversity has given the site the opportunity to offer models at all quality levels and prices. The vast catalog of content … Read More

Industries Utilizing 3D Models

It may sound obvious, but the types of industries that use 3D models are also those that are also the largest purchasers of 3D software. The two largest suppliers of 3D software, Autodesk and Dassault Systems, supply a range of products to suit a diverse number of industries. You can get a good idea of who they are typically targeting by … Read More

Guide to Selling 3D Models Online

I’ve been working in the 3D industry for six years, while this is may not be an exceptionally long time, I have been very privileged to have served in positions that have given me a great deal of visibility of the market. In 2006 I co-founded and assumed the role of Managing Director of Falling Pixel, an online marketplace for … Read More

3D Modeling Standards at SIGGRAPH 2011

This year I had the great privilege of co-hosting a studio talk on standards in 3D modeling at SIGGRAPH with fellowTurboSquid colleague, Michele Bousquet. This was an area that we are incredibly passionate about and, more interestingly, is an area that has been largely overlooked. The talk aimed to outline the current situation in the industry with the lack of universal … Read More

Studio Presentation at SIGGRAPH 2011

This year I will be travelling to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada to attend SIGGRAPH, the international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. This will be the first time I have been able to attend the conference, although is something I have wanted to do for many years, especially as the conference is directly related to my industry and will be a … Read More