History of 3D Model Marketplaces

Since 1992 companies have been building and selling libraries of 3D models. This has made 3D much more accessible and affordable to customers that may not have had the resources in-house to produce this content.  Back then, these libraries were provided by very few specialized production shops and were packaged and shipped to companies in CD archives. Fast forward 8 years ... Read More

Quad Geometry Chamfer Edges

When you chamfer edges in 3ds Max you will notice that this sometimes results in corners that are not entirely composed of quads. When you attempt to apply a Turbosmooth or Meshsmooth modifier to the geometry, you end up with unpredictable results. Maintaining quads ensures that you are able to apply smoothing without encountering situations where the geometry deforms in … Read More

Top 10 Combat Weapon 3D Models

Assault Rifle FN SCAR-H

There are literally thousands of weapon 3D models available on TurboSquid, over 11,000 in fact. For that reason I have reduced my top 10 list down to just combat assault rifles with a couple of special weapons thrown in the mix like the Foster-Miller TALON. In no particular order here is my top 10 list based on attention to detail … Read More

Insect 3D Models


This week I am featuring my top insect 3D model picks. There were over 1,300 insect 3D models to choose from so this was no easy decision. I started by looking at the CheckMate Pro certified insects followed by CheckMate Lite and then everything else. My absolute favorite in the list was a toss-up between the Locus by 3dsam79 and … Read More

Quad Geometry Cylinder Cap

When you create a cylinder with any cap segments in 3ds Max your cylinder will have a single vertex pole in the middle of the cap. For example, if you create a 24 sided cylinder with a cap segment there will be a single vertex with 24 attached edges. This is not desirable as it results in a lot of … Read More

Smooth Square Holes in 3ds Max

This technique will show you how to create square holes in your geometry. As a bonus, this will also detail how to add chamfer detail to the hole that will allow you to apply a turbosmooth or meshsmooth modifier while also maintaining all quad geometry. If you are interested, you can also take a look at my other tutorial for … Read More

3ds Max Quad Topology Sphere

Creating Spheres or Cylinders in 3ds Max will result in top and bottom vertex poles. A vertex pole is where multiple edges lead to a single vertex. This typically leads to a heavy triangle count around the pole that will not smooth well with the TurboSmooth or MeshSmooth modifiers. It also produces bad edge flow, making it difficult to select and … Read More

African Animal 3D Models

This week I will be continuing with my top inspirational 3D models list with this fantastic set of African animals. These all happen to have been created by Massimo Righi, an incredibly talented animal 3D artist. Massimo has over 250 animal models available on the site with almost all of these modeled to the CheckMate modelling specification.

Occupational People 3D Models

This is my second post of inspirational 3D Models from the artists of TurboSquid. As of writing we have over 6,000 people and characters on site. This is just a few of my hand selected top picks, all of which represent a particular occupation.

Inspirational 3D Models

TurboSquid is close to reaching 300,000 available 3D Models and to mark this milestone I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the amazing and inspiration 3D models that are available on the site. This is the first in what I hope will be a series of posts showcasing the incredible content available. British Street 3D Models American … Read More