Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Template

As of writing, I have just updated my blog to use the Bootstrap 3 RC1 front-end framework with the addition of the new Glyphicons (although I have not used the Glyphicons in many places).

Since this was a new release of Bootstrap, I could not find any WordPress templates available online, so I decided to build my own. This is my first venture into building WordPress templates, so you may see some bugs and issues as you browse the site.

The underlying structure of the site is the same as the WordPress twentyten theme with code changes to point to the Bootstrap CSS, JS and Glyphicon files. Since the WordPress twentyten theme does not use the same classes as Bootstrap, I had to go through the code and update and add classes where needed.

Bootstrap has a minimalist style to it, which I think is great for blogs. Although I suspect I will be tweaking the layout and styles for a little while until I am happy with the changes.

If you are interested in collaborating on a Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme then I would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you have a Bootstrap WordPress theme already available please post to the comments below so other people can take advantage of this great front-end framework.

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