History of 3D Model Marketplaces

Since 1992 companies have been building and selling libraries of 3D models. This has made 3D much more accessible and affordable to customers that may not have had the resources in-house to produce this content.  Back then, these libraries were provided by very few specialized production shops and were packaged and shipped to companies in CD archives. Fast forward 8 years ... Read More

Render Charts 100% Width In Boostrap Tabs

The problem  You would like to render charts at 100% width (Google Charts, Highcharts, CanvaJS, or other favorite charts) when the user clicks on a tab in Boostrap. Even though your CSS or inline style set to width: 100%, the chart is rendered wider or smaller than the width of the tab. Why is this happening? Bootstrap tabs use the display property to toggle … Read More

Design Inspiration

A collection of great places to get design inspiration. Behance The leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Dribbble What are you working on? Dribbble is a community of designers answering that ... Read More

Quad Geometry Chamfer Edges

When you chamfer edges in 3ds Max you will notice that this sometimes results in corners that are not entirely composed of quads. When you attempt to apply a Turbosmooth or Meshsmooth modifier to the geometry, you end up with unpredictable results. Maintaining quads ensures that you are able to apply smoothing without encountering situations where the geometry deforms in … Read More

Make Meaning First, Not Money!

We have heard that money is not a good motivator, but I have to disagree. Money certainly has the power to motivate people and companies into action, everyone has a price! However, money often lacks the ability to give people or companies focus and determination. For me, motivation is like coffee, it gets you moving in the morning but unless you plan to … Read More

Example Company Mission Statements

Every company should have a statement about their mission and vision. The best of these speak to a problem that transcends the current company and addresses the deeper impact the company wants to have on the world. Amazon To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer … Read More

Leading a Company from the Heart

Every so often I come across a book, article or video that really strikes a chord. This week I discovered one such video by Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana. The principles and advice that Justin imparts in this video were really inspiring and deeply motivating. Any budding entrepreneur or existing company leader should watch this! Cliffs Notes Note – these are … Read More

Top 10 Combat Weapon 3D Models

Assault Rifle FN SCAR-H

There are literally thousands of weapon 3D models available on TurboSquid, over 11,000 in fact. For that reason I have reduced my top 10 list down to just combat assault rifles with a couple of special weapons thrown in the mix like the Foster-Miller TALON. In no particular order here is my top 10 list based on attention to detail … Read More

Insect 3D Models


This week I am featuring my top insect 3D model picks. There were over 1,300 insect 3D models to choose from so this was no easy decision. I started by looking at the CheckMate Pro certified insects followed by CheckMate Lite and then everything else. My absolute favorite in the list was a toss-up between the Locus by 3dsam79 and … Read More

Quad Geometry Cylinder Cap

When you create a cylinder with any cap segments in 3ds Max your cylinder will have a single vertex pole in the middle of the cap. For example, if you create a 24 sided cylinder with a cap segment there will be a single vertex with 24 attached edges. This is not desirable as it results in a lot of … Read More